Spruce Resin

Spruce Resin

The use of Spruce Resin in woundcare goes back hundreds of years in Finland. In the North, where local populations are scattered over hundreds of square kilometres, residents have had to rely on local remedies to deal with common conditions and as the spruce tree uses resin to protect its own wounds from bacterial and fungal attack and heal damage so the locals used it for the same purpose on their own skin.

This tradition was probably handed down for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1578 that Anders Lonner, a Swedish Doctor finally wrote it down in a medical textbook. 422 years later, Dr. Arno Sipponen started his GP service in Lapland where he together with his colleagues wondered how the locals were so successful in treating wounds with this home-made resin salve. The local Nurses convinced him to try “The old stuff” on a few patients and his inquisitiveness was piqued!

At the time Arno’s father was chief of the department of clinical pathology at the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCS). They formed a cross-functional research team to study this remedy, ranging from Clinicians and bacteriologists to forestry specialists. The studies proved that a modern resin salve using Resol® Technology was highly antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and safe.

“The trees are not harmed during this process.”

”When a tree gets a wound, a branch is torn, or winter breaks the cover of the tree, it produces resin to heal itself. Our studies are the result of nature’s own research into all the bacteria, fungus, yeast etc. that live in forests. A tree needs to protect itself and resin is its unique defence mechanism.”

Repolar was founded in 2006 by a family of scientists and doctors. All Repolar products are based on careful, multidisciplinary scientific research. The company is ISO 13485 certified. The first two products Abilar® for wound care and Abicin® for fungal nail infection and athlete`s foot were launched in Finland in 2008 and are used both in home care and by professionals.

Since then, thousands of tubes have been used in Finland and the company’s reputation is now generating interest from all over the world. Research & Development and a strong focus on scientific and clinical evidence has been a cornerstone of Repolar Pharmaceuticals’ operation since 2000, even before the foundation of the company. The scientific base for all products lies in the foundational research conducted on Norway Spruce resin and its efficacy on treatment of humans and animals. The research team consisting of multi-disciplinary experts from fields of medicine, microbiology, mycology, chemistry, forestry and technology has been able to prove scientifically the safety and efficacy of resin and its resin products.

Repolar has conducted several clinical trials on multiple products and indications in association with experts in their field. They are actively working in strengthening their clinical trial base also in the future with new studies. Repolar work actively with their partners in developing new products and the technology to use resin components in new applications and for new indications.